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Dust off your resolutions

Today marks exactly 60 days since 2014 dawned upon us. A nice and round number, two months after the big night. If you’re anything like me, you probably thought writing a New Year’s resolutions is a great way to finally have a year of changes.

After heavy partying and all the celebrations to mark end to yet another year in passing calendars of our fairly short lives, what’s changed? Sobriety kicked in, fervor wore off, lists got forgotten or misplaced. Did 2014 start with something really different?

Dust off your resolutions list. Did you tick anything off that list? What’s changed, what did you make? Or, shall we ask ourselves – did we start making any change at all? It’s totally fine if you didn’t. You failed, again. But isn’t it a bit unrealistic to expect change to start happening simply because we replaced old, worn and sketched-upon calendars with a set of shiny new ones?

What you can’t change along calendar is who you really are. You’re still the same person, in the same body, with the same habits, good or bad. Resolutions don’t matter at all – you can scrap the list, throw it away, file it or do whatever you usually do with your old notes. But, before you do it – read it once again, for the last time.

Don’t evaluate each statement you’ve made, just read the list and notice your mind’s reactions. The one that triggers you, changes your heartbeat at least in the tiniest fraction of a second, one you feel deep inside as something different – mark it and make it your Most Important Task (MIT) this March.

Time to act is now. If you’re fan of calendar-dependent new beginnings start today, as new month’s just started. There’s 31 day in front of us. 31 day to challenge ourselves to change. Put all your efforts and focus on that single task. It doesn’t matter how big or small, for you it’s the task of a lifetime.

This time it can be and it is different. There’s no hype surrounding your decision to change right now, everyone’s back to mind-numbing daily routines. With New Year and its resolutions more than 300 days from us, everything is just perfect. While everyone else is slowly slipping down, we can reach new heights starting with one single step.

Pick an MIT, do it, repeat the cycle. It’s the only way to finally start living the change we get so ecstatic about every December. Promise yourself this time you’ll stick till the end. Don’t forget to make a promise to someone else, as accountability builds up fervor enormously.

My promise to you is a launch of something this March – more details to follow. See the progress as it happens, follow me on Twitter.

Have faith in thyself for a change. Good luck.

Luka Pensa
1 March 2014