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What if these obscure dots were actually your product sales? What would you do? Would you keep doing what you love, or take a break and reap the fruits of unplanned success?

What’s visible is constant rise, but without real details judging is impossible. These forty dots are a result of 80 weeks combined with $188.182,75.

Not bad for a system built exclusively on design leftovers by a person who had no faintest idea what he was doing, what internet marketing, ecommerce or SEO was. Or even how to have a successful product launch.

Having no expectations at all, a total improvisation turned day-one success amazed everyone. Launched with zero audience and less than $100 startup capital, spent as initial marketing budget (hint: it never was more than $60 a day, anyway), results were beyond expectations.

It was a crazy, rollercoaster ride of my 48-hour workyear.

By the way, references to bestsellers by Chris Guillebeau and Tim Ferriss are intentional.

As a result I got 12 really amazing life lessons along the way. Follow @lukapensa to get them.

Luka Pensa
28 February 2014