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The thin line

Design those icons. Publish them. Write that post. Complete your first book. Give it for free. Share everything. Buy that truck/RV. Travel, often. Keep moving. Exercise more. Walk daily, a lot. Ignore the weather. Take more photos. Write for your kids. Be grateful. Start taking aerial photos, you love it. Unschool kids. Show them how to learn all the time. Live on a boat. Relearn to play, like a child. Sometimes act childish. Let go of control. Connect. Ask questions. Find focus. Teach others. Write more books, in different fields. Learn more foreign languages. Meditate. Understand God. Ignore statistics. Play some instruments. Build your home. Grow your fruits. Catch your fish. Wake earlier. Sleep better. Be a husband worth loving. And an awesome father, too. Make changes, including to this list. Play. Explore. Invent. Design. Have fun. Be happy.

Be happy. Prerogative to the list above makes me real happy. Yet, I neglect it, postpone it, ignore it – always having some better, false excuse to justify myself. Truth is, it’s never the right moment. So, I’ll start doing it now. And never look back, because there’s a whole lot more in front of us.

I vow to myself to keep doing at least one thing a day that makes me genuinely happy.

Our lives are a thin line, connecting points between birth and last breath. What’s important is to fill that line with abundant joy and happiness. Otherwise we could miss the only true point of life. For what good is it for a man to gain the world, yet lose his happiness in the process?

Live, as long as you breathe. And be happy.

Luka Pensa
27 February 2014